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1. JReport Server

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

JReport Enterprise Server embeds customized reporting into applications running on any Java EE application server. JReport Enterprise Server is fully scalable, and provides complete report management, distribution, and administrative functionality. JReport Enterprise Server enhances applications by providing intuitive, consistent interfaces for accessing and interacting with business-critical reports.

2. JReport Designer

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

JReport Designer is a 100% Java, Swing-based report design tool that facilitates rapid report development, precise layout, flexible output, and actionable reporting. JReport Designer provides a highly flexible report development environment, and offers a number of features and functions that speed the report creation and deployment process, including:

  • An intuitive visual design environment
  • Reusable report components
  • Hundreds of ready-to-use objects, charts & tables
  • Access to any data source
  • Support for multiple data sources in the same report
  • JReport Designer empowers developers with the ability to quickly build reports that efficiently deliver information to end users via any Web browser

    3. JReport Live Server

    Category: Reporting Type:Tools

    JReport Live Server enhances JReport Enterprise Server by delivering robust ad hoc reporting and analytics based on dynamic cubing technology. Designed as an extension to JReport Enterprise Server, JReport Live Server contains the same Java EE power, scalability and management of JReport Enterprise Server while powering a rich, self-service end-user reporting experience.

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