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1. JSpell Evolution

Category: Spelling Type:Tools

JSpell Evolution - as you type, AJAX spell checker for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The spell checker can operate in two modes, spell check as you type, or spell check on demand (traditional popup approach). There are advanced features in the spell checker: you can specify your own regular expressions to ignore; obtain the number of incorrect words in the document; customize the appearance of the spell checker; and much more.

JSpell Evolution uses its own lightweight failsafe AJAX communication mechanism which we have found to be much more stable than any other commercial or open-source offering. The internal AJAX framework is not accessible from outside JSpell and it will not interfere with any existing AJAX framework that you may already be using.

JSpell Evolution comes with two installation files, one for Microsoft IIS based installations and the other for Java based installations. Using either of these two installers it is possible to make JSpell operate with ANY server side page generation technology, including CGI, PHP, CFML, ASP and ASP.NET, Oracle, Domino, etc. The Ajax Spell Checker is compatible with virtually all servers since it relies upon the platform independent Java(tm) language to provide spell checking services.

2. JSpell HTML

Category: Spelling Type:Tools

JSpell is a spell checker software API. The Page Scholar implementation of JSpell enables spell checking in the user interfaces of software such as web pages (HTML, ASP, JSP, CGI, etc.), Java applets and applications. There are various JSpell components, some of which allow spell checking in HTML Form and Text Input Fields and some, which allow spell checking inside Java Applets and Applications. Most of our software is designed for developers and systems administrators of web sites.

The same core spell checking engine is the basis for all of our products. This means that all of our products have gone through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to make sure that no matter what front end you use, the spell checker will work, all the time. Our spell checker core engine is Java based, which means it is platform neutral. We have customers using JSpell with Microsoft IIS ASP.NET, Classic ASP, Perl, JSP, Lotus Domino, Oracle Forms, SilverStream, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, CGI and of course standalone Java.

Spell Checker for web based HTML Forms. Installs on your server and lets your visitors spell check any HTML form on your site. Compatible with ASP .NET, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, CGI, Lotus Domino and other web server technologies.

3. JSpell Pro Suite

Category: Spelling Type:Tools

JSpell Pro Suite combines JSpell HTML, JSpell IFrame, JSpell Evolution, and JSpell SDK into one bundle. Click to learn about our spell checker site license and royalty-free options.

4. JSpell SDK

Category: Spelling Type:Tools

Spell Checker SDK for the Java (tm) J2EE platform. Add spell check capabilities to Java (tm) applets or Java applications. Compatible with JSP, Servlets, J2EE, Swing, Oracle Forms.

The JSpell Java SDK Spell Checker is compatible with all versions of Java 2 1.3.1 and higher, including JDK 1.6. This version of JSpell does not support Java 1.02 or Java 1.1. If you require support for Java 1.02 or Java 1.1 please contact our support desk for information on obtaining an earlier release of JSpell.

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