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1. MadCap Authoring & Management System (AMS)

Category: Development Type:Tools

The MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS) combines the power and security of on-premises authoring with the convenience of the cloud to provide a complete solution for content developers. From content authoring, publishing, and translation to cloud-based content management, streamline the entire content development lifecycle with MadCap Software.

2. MadCap Central

Category: Development Type:Tools

MadCap Central provides a secure cloud-based content and project management environment integrated with powerful on-premises authoring and publishing.

3. MadCap Contributor

Category: Development Type:Tools

MadCap Contributor makes it easy for anyone in your organization to review and contribute content in a secure desktop-based workflow. Managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) can review and edit topics, make annotations, and update MadCap Flare content with a simple, easy-to-use interface — no advanced knowledge required.

4. MadCap Flare

Category: Development Type:Tools

Maximize content reuse and streamline the creation of technical documentation and learning & development programs.

5. Madcap Lingo

Category: Development Type:Tools

MadCap Lingo offers a streamlined workflow to manage the translation process – including the packaging of files, the creation and use of translation memories, project reporting and more.

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