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1. AES Drive

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

AES Drive provides a simple way to secure files by always keeping them encrypted on disk, while still allowing access to the decrypted versions through a mounted virtual drive. When the drive is mounted files are encrypted and decrypted transparently, allowing you to work with your files as if they were not encrypted. The full range of standard file operations are supported including create, read, update, and delete. No plaintext data ever touches the disk, all file data is stored encrypted and is only accessible while the drive is mounted.

2. BizTalk Adapters

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

The /n software Adapters for Microsoft BizTalk include fully-managed .NET Adapters that seamlessly integrate with the BizTalk Messaging Pipeline. The /n software Adapters extend the features of BizTalk with advanced Internet communications and secure messaging capabilities.

3. Cloud Keys

Category: Data Storage Type:Tools

Securely manage keys and secrets with popular cloud-based key management services such as Amazon KMS, Amazon Secrets, Azure Key Vault, Google KMS, and Google Secret Manager.

4. Cloud Storage

Category: Data Storage Type:Tools

A library full of easy-to-use file and document storage components for integrating with popular cloud repositories like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Azure Files, HDFS, OneDrive, Dropbox,, Backblaze B2, etc.

5. IPWorks (+SSL)

Category: SSL certificates Type:Tools

IPWorks is a comprehensive framework for Internet development and is the core building block for most /n software products. IPWorks eliminates the complexity of Internet development, providing programmable, SSL-enabled components that facilitate tasks such as ensuring security, sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the Web, consuming Web Services, etc.

6. IPWorks Auth

Category: Encryption Type:Tools

A powerful component library for embedding secure user authentication into web, desktop, and mobile apps. Supports OAuth, NTLM, RADIUS, Kerberos, SAML, LDAP, Certificate Management, and more.

7. IPWorks BLE

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

A Bluetooth Low Energy component library providing straightforward access to BLE operations. The IPWorks BLE components provide simple service discovery and access to BLE-enabled devices.

8. IPWorks EDI

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

IPWorks EDI includes software components for e-business communications, through all leading Internet standards for secure EDI transmissions. The components facilitate the integration of secure and reliable messaging and provide significant cost savings by leveraging the Internet as a ubiquitous network instead of traditional EDI VANs.

9. IPWorks Encrypt

Category: Encryption Type:Tools

An extensive component library allowing you to encrypt and decrypt files, emails, documents, and messages through major cryptographic standards, including S/MIME, OpenPGP, TripleDES, TwoFish, RSA, AES, etc. Complete with X.509 and OpenPGP certificate management.

10. IPWorks IoT

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

Easily implement Internet of Things (IoT) communications protocols in your applications on any platform with this lightweight component library.

11. IPWorks IPC

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

A component library for adding interprocess communication (IPC) capabilities to your applications through Named Pipes. Includes client, server, and external process execution components for simple peer-to-peer communication between processes.

12. IPWorks MQ

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

IPWorks MQ is designed to help you easily implement popular messaging protocols to communicate between networked devices. Many common protocols and services are supported, including Azure Relay, AMQP, MQTT, STOMP and more.

13. IPWorks OpenPGP

Category: Encryption Type:Tools

Enhance applications with OpenPGP cryptography and messaging. A powerful development library with robust components for encrypting, signing, decrypting, and verifying OpenPGP messages. Includes support for OpenPGP key generation and management.

14. IPWorks S/MIME

Category: Encryption Type:Tools

A rock-solid component library for secure Email communications via S/MIME encryption and digital certificates. Sign and encrypt files, emails, and even newsgroup postings using X.509 digital certificates.

15. IPWorks SFTP

Category: File Transfer/Upload Type:Tools

With IPWorks SFTP, developers can rapidly build SSH secured client and server applications for secure file transfer. SSH is a low-level communications protocol providing security via strong encryption and advanced cryptography.

16. IPWorks SNMP

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

A comprehensive library for building secure SNMP-based agent and manager applications. Supports a complete range of network management capabilities including SNMPv3 security features, trap handling, and MIB compilation.

17. IPWorks SSH

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

With IPWorks SSH, developers can rapidly build SSH secured applications including secure file transfer, secure remote login, secure email, and more. SSH is a low-level communications protocol providing security via strong encryption and advanced cryptography.

18. IPWorks Zip

Category: Zip and Compression Type:Tools

Components for advanced file and streaming compression. A library of easy, fast, and effective components that enable developers to rapidly add advanced compression and decompression features into any application.

19. S3 Drive

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

S3 Drive is a powerful utility that allows you to connect and work with any S3 compatible service from a mounted drive. Easily manage your remote files without having to upload and download them.

20. SFTP Drive

Category: File Transfer/Upload Type:Tools

SFTP Drive removes the hassle of working with files stored on remote servers by allowing you to access them as if they were on your machine. This eliminates the need to download and upload files you need to access and work with.

21. SSIS Components

Category: Internet Communication Type:Tools

The /n software Components for SSIS provides robust, enterprise-ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, compression, and secure file transfer for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

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