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1. Gimpel PC-lint

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

productpicture PC-lint is an industry standard static analysis tool for C and C++ code. It will thoroughly check your C/C++ source code for bugs, glitches, inconsistencies, non-portable constructs, and much more, so you can find and fix your bugs more quickly than with traditional debugging procedures.

2. LintProject

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

LintProject is a command line tool designed to make it easier to run static code analysis on build servers and other command line driven environments. LintProject can read C++ solution/workspace and project files directly, and generates detailed HTML reports illustrating the analysis results. Supported project formats include Visual C++, Codegear C++ and Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio.

3. ResOrg

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

ResOrg is a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio designed to help overcome one of the most annoying (and unnecessary) chores of developing/maintaining Windows applications - maintaining resource symbol ID values.

4. Visual Lint

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

Visual Lint is Riverblade's solution for developers who require advanced static code analysis capabilities within the Microsoft Visual Studio and eMbedded Visual C++ integrated development environments.

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