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1. Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Flex is a cross-platform reporting tool, designed for using it in Rich Internet Applications. When creating this reporting tool we used one of the most advanced technologies for the development of business applications for the Internet - Adobe Flex. We tried to give developers and users the most flexible tool for creation and subsequent use of reports for the Internet.

2. Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java is a reporting tool, designed for interaction and work of reports in a Java application. The Java technology allows using programs on different platforms, different operating systems and different hardware. Thanks to this Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java is now available literally everywhere, meanwhile remaining a highly functional and user-friendly tool.

3. Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for PHP

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Silverlight is a web-based report designer, using what it is possible to change the report directly in the web browser. The product is developed using the Silverlight technology and ASP.NET. There are no requirements for the developer to write complex code or a long setting of components. You use a simple ASP.NET component on the server.

4. Stimulsoft Reports.Net

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based reporting tool which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. All reports are created in a report designer with handy and user-friendly interface. Using Stimulsoft Reports.Net you can create reports on the basis of various data sources. Created reports can be used both in Windows Forms and ASP.NET. Rendered reports can be exported to different formats.

5. Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight is a reporting tool created for the Silverlight platform. The first part of the product is a set of ASP.NET components for viewing and editing in the Web browser. Report rendering occurs on the server. The second part is a fully featured reporting tool for Silverlight, which uses only Silverlight to render, edit, print, and export reports. The third part is an independent report designer for the WinForms platform.

6. Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is a comprehensive solution to render reports for the .NET Framework platform. The product includes a complete set of tools to build reports under WinForms, ASP.NET and WPF environments. Report Designers, which can be run in DesignTime and in RunTime, including a unique report designer for Web. Viewers for displaying reports. Powerful system of exporting reports, which supports many different types of formats. Simple but very powerful report engine. One of the basic principles of using Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is different technologies but common approaches in creating reports. When migrating applications to new technology, principles of working with reports remain unchanged.

7. Stimulsoft Reports.Web

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Stimulsoft Reports.Web is a reporting tool designed to create and render reports via a Web browser. You can create reports. You can display reports. You can print reports. You can export reports. Stimulsoft Reports.Web will provide the complete cycle of report building, starting with report templates and ending with showing them in a browser. And this can be done without closing a web browser. Stimulsoft Reports.Web is the first reporting tool that allows you to edit reports directly in Web. There is no need to install .Net Framework, ActiveX components or other special plug-ins on your client’s machine. All you need is a Web Browser with Flash Player 9.

8. Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

Creating reports usually consists of two parts – creating reports in the report designer and delivering reports to end-users. For the first part we provide a good reports designer with a set of tools to increase quality of ready reports, decrease time of reports creation and provide easy way to design reports for ordinary users. For the second part we provide the pure WinRT reports viewer to display all possibilities of created reports.

9. Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf

Category: Reporting Type:Tools

WPF is the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf is a reporting tool that is developed for Windows Presentation Foundation. You need a reporting tool for WPF, do not you? No need to surf the internet – use Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. All the power of WPF technology is used. Rich abilities of rendering, viewing, printing and exporting reports – it is all about Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf.

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