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As the first digital asset management software with layers, ACDSee Ultimate 9 is able to answer an unparalleled number of creative graphic and image composition needs. Armed with a potent list of adjustment layers, working with layers just became non-destructive, giving you the complete flexibility to create the image composites, photo manipulations, and innovative graphics you've been envisioning. With new ways to track your adjustments and apply them to batches, development snapshots, extended creative capabilities through Photoshop™ plugin support, new lighting and skin tone adjustments, additional ways to compartmentalize, even more drawing tools, improved lens correction, high DPI support, and so much more, ACDSee Ultimate 9 packs a valuable punch.
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With an all-in-one digital asset manager and layered editor, there’s no need to purchase and run multiple applications to achieve your organizational and image editing goals. ACDSee Ultimate 8 combines layers, GPU-accelerated image processing, and support for 32-bit and 64-bit transparency with all the photo adjustment functionality of Edit mode.

Import images to create composites. Form a blank image and layer on additional images and effects to make a landscape or portrait collage. Blend two images with the same subject, but different angles to highlight the best of both. Elegantly change the subject of the image. Use drawing and selection tools to create original advertising, innovative graphics, and powerful art imagery.

Your Blank Slate

Create brand new, bare images, ready for you to work your magic on. Add text, watermark, and image elements in layers, customize size, bit depth, and background contents to suit your subject.

Goodbye to Limitations

Throw out constraints with the ability to create and duplicate layers to work on individual parts of images without affecting other areas. Get professional results by combining layers with expert editing tools and inventive effects.

When Two Become One

Utilize layers to combine images in order to add more striking backgrounds to photos, to create the illusion of a wider depth of field, or to simply tap into your artistic side for a surreal effect.

Mask it

Enjoy limitless potential with the ability to control layers’ levels of transparency with layer masks. Hide or reveal elements or sections of photos with white or black brushes, combine images, and create layer masks from selections.

All in How You Stack it

Dynamically alter the look of your art by moving the front to the back, or the back to the front. Get exactly the flavor you want by quickly and easily changing the stacking order of your layers.

Practical Maneuvering

Get the results you want with ease. Use the Move tool to adjust, nudge, rotate, prod, and push your layers into just the right spot.