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gnite UI, developers can create next generation, browser based, touch-enabled tablet, mobile & desktop experiences. At it’s core, Ignite UI is a set of full featured, advanced HTML & JavaScript user interface controls based on jQuery Core, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries. We didn’t stop there though, with Ignite UI controls, we also ship MVC & ASP.NET server side wrappers, so if you are not ready to make the jump to pure HTML & jQuery client side development, you can use all of the great features
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Ignite UI (royalty-free subscription) for 1 year   1295.00 AddtoCart
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Ignite UI (royalty-free subscription) for 3 year   3285.00 AddtoCart

Ignite UI Core

At it’s core, Ignite UI controls include the following:

  • Touch Support – we test against multiple devices, form factors and processors.  No matter what type of application you are building – desktop, tablet, mobile – we make sure the controls perform as you would want them to.
  • Browser Support – Firefox 3.0+, IE 6+, Safari 3.2+, Chrome 2.0+, Opera
  • Theme Roller- since we’re jQuery based, all of the controls integrate into your existing ThemeRoller themes.  No changes necessary to make our stuff look good with your stuff.
  • Server Wrappers – ASP.NET MVC wrappers are included if you are not ready to go all-in on the client-side HTML & jQuery development.
  • Optimized Rendering – using the Loader component, you have granular control over how much JavaScript is sent to the client.  For example, if you just want the Grid to include Sorting, just say “Grid.Sorting”, and only the Sorting JavaScript file will get sent to the client, not all of the JavaScript files for every grid feature.

Control Configuration

For many developers coming from server-side coding, we recognize that writing JavaScript is not a favorite task.  We’ve added a Control Configurator that let’s you configure controls in a WYSIWYG editor, with a complete Property Window and Events Window.  You just select a control, set the properties and events, and we generate the JavaScript.  It’s that easy!



  • Mouse / Touch Range Selection & Pinch Zoom
  • Overview + Detail Window (OPD) with Mobile View
  • Composite / Hybrid Charts
  • Pie Chart
  • Category Series – Area, Line, Spline, Bar, Waterfall, Spline, Spline Area, Step Line, Step Area including Stacked & Stacked 100 Series
  • Scatter Series
  • High-Density Scatter Series
  • Polar Series
  • Radial Series
  • Financial / OHLC Series
  • 35 Financial Indicators
  • Financial Overlays
  • Linear & Log Axis Scales