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1. Android

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

Build dynamic native Android apps with our high-performance data grid, dynamic charts, powerful gauges and more.

2. Infragistics IGNITE UI

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

gnite UI, developers can create next generation, browser based, touch-enabled tablet, mobile & desktop experiences. At it’s core, Ignite UI is a set of full featured, advanced HTML & JavaScript user interface controls based on jQuery Core, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries. We didn’t stop there though, with Ignite UI controls, we also ship MVC & ASP.NET server side wrappers, so if you are not ready to make the jump to pure HTML & jQuery client side development, you can use all of the great features

3. Infragistics Professional

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

Get performance, ease of use, and styling with a powerful suite of UI components that allows you to develop across all browsers, devices, and platforms.

4. Infragistics Ultimate UI for ASP .NET

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

Infragistics for ASP.NET provides developers with the most capable, full-featured ASP.NET UI toolset on the market to rapidly build and style high-fidelity Line-of-Business applications on the ASP.NET AJAX platform. Infragistics' emphasis on performance, styling, and ease of use is unparalleled and empowers you to build stunning apps.

5. Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms Infragistics for Windows Forms includes line of business application UI controls for rapidly building stylable user interfaces delivering superior user experiences on Windows Forms.

6. Infragistics Windows Forms

Category: Demonstration / Presentation Type:Tools

Infragistics Windows Forms provides developers with UI controls to rapidly build and style high-fidelity line of business application user interfaces with the look and feel of Microsoft Office. With Infragistics Windows Forms developers receive every control (data grids, trees, toolbars, calendars, editors, charts, gauges, scenic ribbons and more) needed to create superior user experiences with stability, performance and robustness.

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