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Get performance, ease of use, and styling with a powerful suite of UI components that allows you to develop across all browsers, devices, and platforms.
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Infragistics Professional (royalty-free subscription) for 1 year   1295.00 AddtoCart
Infragistics Professional (royalty-free subscription) for 2 year   2330.00 AddtoCart
Infragistics Professional (royalty-free subscription) for 3 year   3285.00 AddtoCart

About Infragistics Professional

The tools you need to build functional and stylish Enterprise-ready applications across all browsers, devices and platforms.

Infragistics Professional provides advanced controls to build user interface and data visualization applications for Windows Forms, WPF, iOS, Android, Xamarin, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery/HTML 5 and Silverlight in the same package. Developers can create high performance, robust, stable solutions across browsers, platforms and devices. An annual subscription is also provided for developer support, source code, updates, upgrades, documentation and samples.

It provides a powerful toolset with built-in custom designers, templates and step-by-step videos. Tested and tuned against the industry and in millions of real world applications including mission critical Fortune 500 apps.

Infragistics Professional is a true framework, not a collection of disparate controls. Infragistics labored hard before writing a line of code to devise a mature architecture based on shared assemblies and common object models. This creates what Infragistics refer to as leveraged learning, meaning the effort to learn the first of the interface elements lets you learn the rest much easier. It also makes it easier to create standardized interfaces for your applications and even create your own elements by extending and inheriting visual elements from Infragistics Presentation Layer Framework. It is a primary reason for corporations to standardize all their development teams on Infragistics Professional.