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It does mathematical modeling and equation solving using a very unique declarative programming method while also providing procedural programming capabilities available in other languages like Python, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, C, C++, Pascal, etc.
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TK Solver 6 - Stand alone - yearly subscription   20000.00 AddtoCart
TK Solver 6 - 1 user Network - yearly subscription   35000.00 AddtoCart
Tk Solver 6 - site license - per year   350000.00 AddtoCart
TK Solver <=> Excel Toolkit - 1 user network - yearly subscription Verify   15000.00 AddtoCart
Algebraic linear or nonlinear equations as well as differential equations can be easily handled in TK Solver. It also provides significant time savings by a factor of 10 to 100 in setting up problems compared to other methods used for the same tasks.

TK Solver can be readily used for a wide range or problems from a single formula to many thousands of equations. TK Solver also has a very easy to use and powerful way to work with units - a very important aspect in solving engineering and scientific problems. This is much easier to do in TK than in matrix-oriented products like Matlab or Excel spreadsheets which lack facilities for handling units. TK has excellent facilities for working with engineering data such as table look ups, data from graphs of relationships, etc.