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1. Advanced Spring Design

Category: Drawing Type:Tools

Advanced Spring Design (ASD) software is a jointly developed product by Universal Technical Systems and the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) that combines engineering expertise with customized calculations to help you design quality springs.

2. Dynamics and Vibration Analysis

Category: Component Management Type:Tools

Dynamics and Vibration Analysis provides a collection of math models to solve problems based on the methods described in Formulas for Natural Frequency and Mode Shape by Robert D. Blevins, Ph. D.

3. Galaxy

Category: Analysis, Design and Modeling Type:Tools

With Galaxy, you can develop and deploy calculations as enterprise solutions. UTS developed Galaxy as a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for companies struggling to manage and capitalize on their calculation-based knowledge. Calculations come in a variety of proprietary formats. Galaxy transforms these calculations—including those created using tools like Excel, C++, TK Solver and others—for deployment to authorized users, with virtually no programming required.

4. Heat Transfer

Category: Hosting Type:Tools

Heat Transfer powered by TK Solver provides a collection of math models to solve problems based on the methods described in the 6th edition of the popular reference Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by Frank P. Incropera and David D. DeWitt.

5. Integrated Gear Software

Category: Content Management Type:Tools

Whether you’re designing metal, plastic, or powdered metal gears, Integrated Gear Software (IGS) is the most comprehensive gear knowledge system for eliminating noise and premature failure, reducing trial and error, lowering design and production costs, and speeding time to market.

6. Roark's Formulas

Category: Content Management Type:Tools

Roark’s Formulas — a fully interactive version of the landmark reference combined with powerful problem solving technology that dramatically reduces design hours and production costs and speeds time to market.

7. TK Solver

Category: Content Management Type:Tools

It does mathematical modeling and equation solving using a very unique declarative programming method while also providing procedural programming capabilities available in other languages like Python, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, C, C++, Pascal, etc.

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