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Roark’s Formulas — a fully interactive version of the landmark reference combined with powerful problem solving technology that dramatically reduces design hours and production costs and speeds time to market.
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Interactive Roark's Formulas 1-user Network per year   40000.00 AddtoCart
Interactive Roark’s Formulas has been thoroughly user-tested and in continuous use since 1989. It includes interactive calculations for all cases and tables with accompanying diagrams that help streamline the design process and reduce design iterations as well as the need for complicated finite element analysis. In addition, International System of Units (SI) and United States Customary Units (USCU) conversion is automatic with Interactive Roark’s Formulas, making model sharing easier than ever.

The user-friendly menuing system lets you select a problem by chapter, table, and case – exactly as it is in the book. However, here’s where the similarities end. Pre-formatted plots of deflection, stress, and bending moments let you refine the design like never before. What’s more, a powerful math engine with the unique ability to solve for a variety of combinations of input and output variables — known as backsolving — allows you to easily test what-if scenarios and optimize designs without hours of tedious calculations or programming. Just point, click, and solve.