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1. OmniPeek Basic

Category: Network Administration Type:Tools

OmniPeek Basic is a full-featured, stand-alone network analysis tool. This product is ideal for consulting engineers who solve network problems for others, or for small businesses or remote offices where analysis is confined to a small number of interfaces, with no high-speed (10 Gigabit, Gigabit, or WAN) links and a limited number of employees on the network. OmniPeek Basic can collect network data from a single interface.

2. OmniPeek Connect

Category: Network Administration Type:Application

OmniPeek Connect manages an organization’s OmniEngines, our distributed network probes, and provides all the console capabilities of OmniPeek Enterprise. OmniPeek Connect is ideal for Network Operations Center (NOC) deployments as it can monitor distributed analysis solutions at multiple remote locations, with no need for local captures at the console location.

3. OmniPeek Enterprise

Category: Network Administration Type:Application

OmniPeek Enterprise is WildPackets’ flagship product. It combines all of the features of the OmniPeek product line in one product, including support for local captures from multiple interfaces and connections to an unlimited number of distributed OmniEngines. It supports data collection from any network topology, including 10 Gigabit and Gigabit networks, WAN links and local matrix switches.

4. OmniPeek Professional

Category: Network Administration Type:Application

OmniPeek Professional expands the capabilities of OmniPeek Basic, extending its reach to all small businesses and corporate workgroups, regardless of size of the network or the number of employees. OmniPeek Professional provides support for multiple network interfaces while still supporting up to 2 OmniEngines acting as both a full-featured network analyzer and a console for remote network analysis. There is also no limit to the number of network flows that can be analyzed, so groups of any size can be supported.

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