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Network Administration

1. A&E Server for OPC DA

Publisher: MatrikonOPC Type:Tools

The MatrikonOPC A&E Server for OPC Real-time Data provides OPC alarm data for any OPC DA (Data Access) server. Now you can create custom simple OPC A&E events based on real-time OPC process values. Create custom event conditions that fire OPC events. Combine custom event sources to specify precise process condition criteria.

2. Acronis Backup

Publisher: Acronis Type:Tools

Created specifically for smaller business environments, Acronis Backup is the fastest, easiest way to protect your investment. Our award-winning disk imaging technology helps you protect your entire system—even if you aren’t an IT expert. By combining patented single-pass backups with an easy-to-use interface, we help you capture everything in one single step: operating systems, applications, data, and more.

3. Acronis Backup Advanced suite

Publisher: Acronis Type:Tools

Unified backup and recovery solutions for multi-system environments

4. Acronis Files Connect

Publisher: Acronis Type:Tools

At its core, Acronis Files Connect is an AFP server that runs on your Windows server and enables Macs to connect to file shares and NAS via Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) instead of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

5. Acronis Snap Deploy 5

Publisher: Acronis Type:Tools

A simple and intuitive wizard-driven user interface saves time and reduces mistakes.

6. Acronis True Image

Publisher: Acronis Type:Tools

Recover your complete system or just the files and folders you need quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere. A full computer image backup is the only way to protect your complete system and be operational immediately after restoring your system.

7. ActivePatch

Publisher: Catalyst Development Corporation Type:Tools

ActivePatch is a software development toolkit that enables developers to create their own updates in the form of a patch, andintegrate the patch application process directly into their own software. ActivePatch does not simply create incremental updates and re-package the files. It analyzes each file at the byte level, and determines the best method for updating the target file on the user's system.

8. Ashampoo Backup Business

Publisher: Ashampoo GmbH & Co. Type:Tools

Ashampoo® Backup Business offers the full feature set for professional data backups. Whether you only need create local backups or store your sensitive data in the cloud - naturally with strong AES-256 encryption - the program has you covered.

9. Ashampoo Backup Business Server

Publisher: Ashampoo GmbH & Co. Type:Tools

Ashampoo Backup Business 11 is specially geared towards administrative use on Windows servers. It is fully compatible with all common Windows Server editions and brings the full Ashampoo® Backup Business feature set to these devices. Unlike with competing products, there are no functional restrictions or disabled features.

10. Bytesphere Jaguar Sx

Publisher: ByteSphere Technologies LLC Type:Tools

Jaguar Sx runs on any Plantform giving you ultimate flexibility

11. ByteSphere OidView

Publisher: ByteSphere Technologies LLC Type:Tools

OidView is a modular SNMP Analysis Toolset and MIB Browser for Network Management Enthusiasts! As new technologies emerge ByteSphere produces new modules for use with OidView. The console is the heart of OidView, lending control to the administrator in a variety of ways. Manage SNMP MIB Browser and Analysis Sessions, Graph MIB Values, Trace PDUs, Capture SNMP Traps and Compile MIBs all at the touch of a button.

12. Cascade DataHub®

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

Like the OPC DataHub, the Cascade DataHub is now part of the larger Cogent DataHub family of products. This means that in addition to all of the features present in the older v6.4 Cascade DataHub we are now adding the following new and enhanced features:

13. ChoiceAnalyst

Publisher: Catalyst Development Corporation Type:Tools

ChoiceAnalyst has nearly an infinite number of applications and is such a useful tool that it will be used in any application where decisions must be made. Its been said that even the act of making no-decision is in and of itself a decision to take no action. This is quite true so the real question is how well will one person or a group make a decision.

14. Cogent DataHub®

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

The Cogent DataHub is the latest version of a long line of DataHub products that have set the benchmark for real-time data solutions. With the release of v7.0, the Cogent DataHub adds several landmark new features that will once again set it above and beyond what any other middleware product can do.

15. CrypKey DAL

Publisher: Crypkey Inc. Type:Tools

CrypKey DAL (Distributor Authorizing License) provides software developers and vendors complete control over the number of software licenses that authorized third-parties, such as distributors, can issue on their behalf.

16. CrypKey USBKey

Publisher: Crypkey Inc. Type:Tools

CrypKey USBKey can work in conjunction with CrypKey licensing whereby both CrypKey USBKey and either CrypKey Instant or CrypKey SDK are used to protect a software application. To date, CrypKey offers the only combination hardware and electronic license management solution.

17. Dart Power SNMP for .NET

Publisher: Dart Communications Type:Tools

A set of .NET components and objects that provide the flexibility, ease-of-use, and security to develop enterprise-level SNMP management and agent applications.

  • Automatic, on-the-fly message encoding and decoding
  • Trace event for easy logging and debugging
  • Retry capabilities for dropped packet recovery
  • Knowledge of SNMP message formatting not required
  • Many sample projects for both C# and VB.NET, as well as ASP.NET included

18. Dart Power SNMP for ActiveX

Publisher: Dart Communications Type:Tools

PowerSNMP for ActiveX is a family of controls and objects used to manage network devices and access remote MIBs. Full support for SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and ASN.1 standards provide interoperability with many network devices. The Manager and Agent controls provide message transport over the network and a suite of supporting objects provide MIB information and encoding/decoding support.

  • Enterprise ready. The high-performance Manager control encodes SNMP V1 or V2c packets, sends them to any agent, decodes the response, and presents it to your application as a simple COM object.
  • The Management Information Base (MIB) object cross-references Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) MIB definitions used by managers and agents.

19. Dart PowerSNMP for .NET CF

Publisher: Dart Communications Type:Tools

PowerSNMP for .NET CF leverages a .NET 2.0+ design, providing the most advanced Internet Communications components available for handheld smart devices.

20. Dart PowerVT terminal Emulator

Publisher: Dart Communications Type:Tools

PowerVT is an easy-to-use VT terminal emulation application for Windows. Flexible and easy to learn, with context sensitive help, Multiple Document Interface, and a familiar Windows look and feel, it's easy for new users to become immediately productive -- training costs are minimized for deployment across your enterprise.

PowerVT is versatile - supporting Telnet, modem, and direct serial communications. PowerVT supports multiple concurrent connections, is easily customized, and includes key remapping, scripting, multinational character sets, logging, printing, file transfers, and more.

21. Database Performance Analyzer

Publisher: Solarwinds Type:Tools

Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server goes beyond conventional server health tools. It’s the one tool that all DBAs, Developers, and DBA Managers can collectively use to save time and measurably improve SQL Server performance.

22. DataHub Modbus UA Server

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

23. DataHub OPC Bridge™

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

The DataHub OPC Bridge lets you connect OPC servers, so that a change in one piece of equipment can be communicated directly to another. You can scale or modify your data as it passes through the DataHub, and define more complex relationships with the built-in Scripting language. Connect several OPC servers and clients to create a common data set, and the multi-threaded interface means that a slow or non-responsive server will not slow down any other connections.

24. DataHub OPC Gateway

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

The DataHub® OPC Gateway™ converts real-time, streaming OPC UA data to DA or vice-versa. Using the Gateway, you can connect any OPC DA server or client to any OPC UA server or client, locally or over the plant network.

25. DataHub OPC Logger™

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

Write data from the DataHub into any ODBC compliant database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OSIsoft PI, Oracle, and many more. You can use your existing tables, or create new ones fully customized to meet your needs. Query the database to read production schedules, recipes and process setpoints from company databases straight into your OPC servers and client applications.

26. DataHub OPC Tunneller™

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

With the DataHub OPC Tunneller you can quickly configure robust and secure OPC connections on a network, without DCOM. Eliminate COM configuration headaches, minute-long timeouts, and unreliable networking.

27. DataHub System Monitor™

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

Now you can monitor the performance of computers anywhere in your organization using the OPC DataHub. You decide what system parameters to monitor, such as CPU usage, free disk space, available memory and whether critical processes are still running. This information is collected by the DataHub as regular point data that can be shared across a network or the Internet in real-time.

28. DataHub UA Logger

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

29. DataHub UA Tunneller

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

30. DataHub WebView™

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

DataHub WebView is a Silverlight application running in your web browser, allowing you to access your data from anywhere on the Internet. Drag and drop desktop-quality graphics to build HMI screen right inside your browser. No need to install costly development systems - everything is hosted and driven by the Cogent DataHub running on one of your own network computers. Zero-deployment lets your users see your graphics as soon as they are created.

31. Desktop Cloud Visualization

Publisher: NICE Type:Tools

NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) is an advanced technology that enables Technical Computing users to remote access 2D/3D interactive applications over a standard network.

32. EnginFrame

Publisher: NICE Type:Tools

EnginFrame is an advanced, commercially supported HPC Portal in the industry, with a proven track record of successful production deployments within corporate networks and research clusters.

33. Lansweeper

Publisher: Lansweeper Type:Tools

Lansweeper discovers Windows, Linux and Mac machines in your network. In addition, it inventories network devices such as Printers, Routers and Switches.

34. LogicGem

Publisher: Catalyst Development Corporation Type:Tools

Presenting decision procedures in a tabular form goes back at least to ancient Babylon, where the rules for performing multiplication of cuneiform numerals were baked in clay tablets for students. Tables are a quick and easy way for a human being to read, understand and execute a complex procedure. Tabular forms for computer programming dates back to the late 1950's when General Electric, the Sutherland Corporation, and the United States Air Force worked on a complex file maintenance project. Attempts at using flowcharts and traditional narratives failed to define the problem after more than six labor-years of effort. This was typical of most large projects at that time. Then, in 1958 four analysts using decision tables successfully defined the problem in less than four weeks. When the right tool was used the problem was solved almost immediately.

35. MG-SOFT MIB Browser

Publisher: MG Soft Corporation Type:Application

MG-SOFT MIB Browser Professional Edition with MIB Compiler is an extremely flexible, technically superb, powerful and user-friendly SNMP Browser. All that makes MG-SOFT MIB Browser the most widely used SNMP Browser running on Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008).

36. MG-SOFT Net Inspector

Publisher: MG Soft Corporation Type:Application

MG-SOFT Net Inspector is a powerful fault management application with alarming subsystem that complies with the international alarm reporting recommendations (ITU X.733). The software lets you effectively monitor the status of network devices and manage alarms associated with devices in the supervised TCP/IP network.

37. MG-SOFT Trap Ringer

Publisher: MG Soft Corporation Type:Application

MG-SOFT Trap Ringer Professional Edition is a program for monitoring SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 TRAP notification messages and SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 INFORM notification messages sent by arbitrary devices on the network. It lets you manage received notifications in various ways and includes mechanisms for informing users about the received SNMP notifications.

38. MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows

Publisher: MicroOLAP Technologies Type:Application

Network monitoring,MicroOLAP TCPDUMP for Windows Trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows based on Packet Sniffer SDK 4.1. Supported OS versions: WinNT 4.0, Win 2000, WinXP, WinXP x64, Win2003, Win2003 x64, Windows Vista.

39. Modbus OPC Server

Publisher: MatrikonOPC Type:Tools

The Modbus OPC Server From MatrikonOPC provides secure and reliable real-time data access between all Modbus devices and any OPC-enabled applications such as Historians, HMIs, and SCADA ...etc.

40. Nagios Fusion

Publisher: Nagios Enterprises, LLC Type:Tools

Introducing Nagios Fusion™ - a powerful tool for visualizing operational status and enabling faster problem resolution across an organization's entire IT infrastructure.

41. Nagios Log Server

Publisher: Nagios Enterprises, LLC Type:Tools

Nagios Log Server™ is a powerful enterprise-class log monitoring and management application that allows organizations to quickly and easily view, sort, and configure logs from any source on any given network. Log Server is designed to analyze, collect, and store log data based on custom specifications, and provide users with extended insight into the data on their network's infrastructure.

42. Nagios Network Analyzer

Publisher: Nagios Enterprises, LLC Type:Tools

Nagios Network Analyzer™ is a commercial-grade network flow data analysis solution that provides organizations with extended insight into their IT infrastructure and network traffic. Network Analyzer allows you to be proactive in resolving outages, abnormal behavior, and security threats before they affect critical business processes.

43. Nagios XI

Publisher: Nagios Enterprises, LLC Type:Tools

Nagios® XI™ is the most powerful IT infrastructure monitoring solution on the market. Nagios XI extends on proven, enterprise-class Open Source components to deliver the best monitoring solution for today's demanding organizational requirements. Designed for scalability and flexibility, XI is designed to make problematic IT monitoring tasks simple, while retaining the powerful attributes of its enterprise-class foundation blocks.

44. Nessus Professional

Publisher: Tenable Network Security Type:Application/Tool

Tenable Network Security performs vulnerability research 24x7. When a new vulnerability is discovered, Tenable writes a Nessus® plugin, tests it and then makes it available for download such that your Nessus scanner can perform the most recent checks. The ProfessionalFeed from Tenable is used to keep each of your Nessus scanners up to date with the latest network and host-based security checks.

45. NetZoom Premium

Publisher: Altima Technologies, Inc. Type:Application

Discover and monitor networks using various discovery methods and protocols such as ICMP, SNMP, WMI, TCP, and much more. Scan IP ranges or subnet, generate detailed reports for your entire network, and create datacenter rack diagrams.

46. NetZoom Visio Stencils

Publisher: Altima Technologies, Inc. Type:Application

NetZoom Visio Stencils offers the world's largest up-to-date library of manufacturer specific network and datacenter equipment shapes, stencils and data for Microsoft Visio. With over 229,000 shapes and stencils for Microsoft Visio from more than 4,300 leading suppliers and manufacturers, we have your network covered. The library covers hardware shapes and stencils for manufacturers from the IT, network, datacenter, computer, telecommunications, audio-video, and security industries and is continuously growing. In addition to shapes and stencils for physical network diagrams, NetZoom also offers shapes and stencils for generic icons and symbols that can be used to create logical network diagrams.

47. NetZoomDC Enterprise

Publisher: Altima Technologies, Inc. Type:Application

NetZoomDC is a multi-site, enterprise-level data center management software solution providing users with port-to-port connectivity management, SQL database import capability, role-based security, change management, work orders, power and data trace diagrams, and more.

48. OmniPeek

Publisher: LiveAction Type:Application

OmniPeek Professional expands the capabilities of OmniPeek Basic, extending its reach to all small businesses and corporate workgroups, regardless of size of the network or the number of employees. OmniPeek Professional provides support for multiple network interfaces while still supporting up to 2 OmniEngines acting as both a full-featured network analyzer and a console for remote network analysis. There is also no limit to the number of network flows that can be analyzed, so groups of any size can be supported.

49. OPC A&E support

Publisher: Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. Type:Tools

Easy to use, comprehensive OPC support The Cogent DataHub Can act as both an OPC server and client program at the same time. This means it can read from multiple OPC server (while acting as an OPC client) and make this data available to any number of OPC client programs (while acting as an OPC server).

50. OPC Buffer

Publisher: MatrikonOPC Type:Tools

MatrikonOPC Buffer is an off the shelf solution for remote data collection, buffering, and with the optional History-Link module; historical data transfer to a central process historian. This product is great for engineers and project managers who need guaranteed data collection and delivery from geographically remote sites. Unlike other remote data collection applications, MatrikonOPC Buffer enables you to trend and view the data at the source for on-the-spot troubleshooting and data analysis without the inconvenience of access to the enterprise historian.

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